Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Just got back from the AMI USA conference and refresher in Atlanta - all fired up to give our Montessori Graduate students the best experience possible this summer.

Favorite moments

Keynote by Alison Gopnik who got deep into the world of Early Childhood Educational Research - some tremendous evidence showing that Dr. Montessori's approach is aligned with contemporary research. I could tell her data driven methods were taking the crowd aback - it's great when a speaker can challenge the audience.

Michael Thompson discussed the irrationality of parents and I for one think that's just fine - Could I ever be rational about my own children - absolutely not - can't you tell by my twitter feed!

Steven Hughes never disappoints - a developmental neuropsychologist with an absolute passion for Dr. Montessori's work. I also love the way he pronounces "A.M.I." as "ahhmeee", cracks me up every time.

Laura Shaw, soon to be Doctor...don't you know... introduced her newest project; Montessori's own whitepaper press. Hoping to learn more about it when she comes to Loyola to deliver a talk on "Neuro-education" this summer. Thanks Laura.

Re-acquainting with my "old" Australian friends. Christine Harrison and Megan Tyne, two dynamos that made me homesick for Australia all weekend. Did I say home?

And there were plenty of quick hello's in passing with all of Loyola's Faculty - they are truly the leadership within AMI

A lifetime achievement award was given to Lilian Bryant, whom I met for the first time in Atlanta this summer. Well earned!

But my most favorite part was chatting with all of our recent graduates. They made it! There in the field making a difference - I could not be more proud!



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