Tuesday, January 27, 2015


For 4 years in a row I attended AMI conferences and refreshers in Sydney, Australia. Last year, in my return to North America, I intended to make a big splash, Loyola was hosting a wee hospitality party to introduce me to the community as their new Center for Montessori Education Director. Instead snow happened, lots of snow and despite every attempt I never made it to Houston.

So this year the event is in Atlanta and I am determined to get there! In an attempt to make up for my absence last year I have convinced Loyola to try again and purchase a few snacks for after the keynote address for the conference participants to enjoy!
I'm looking forward to hanging out with Joen and Greg .... Silvia and Sharon.... Jen and Ginny... and the entire gang - it should be a great time.
I am also hoping to catch up with some of our graduates (especially the ones from Atlanta!) who by now will have started their careers and can reflect of the process of becoming an AMI trained guide with a Masters degree to boot.
It really is true that when you choose a career in education you are blessed to call amongst your colleagues some of the finest people in the world.
See y'all in Atlanta!

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