Thursday, June 5, 2014

Green Green Rocky Road

When I go back to Baltimore
Got no carpet on my floor
Come along and follow me 
We'll go down to Galilee

2 weeks until the summer session for our Montessori M.Ed. students begins, so forgive my folk singing with the Baltimore reference. All faculty are in place are ready to go! Elana Rock, Sharyn Rhodes and Marie Celeste, will be delivering our course on working with Special Needs students. The well loved Jim Snow and prized new comer Denise Bike are ready to proceed with our educational research course. And noted Montessori educator John Feeley and myself will advise students through their Advanced Study in Education.

I have been working on preparing materials for my courses and I am going to start with John Hattie's meta analysis to try to get some interesting discussion started on contemporary issues. Looking forward to it!

The Loyola campus is in incredibly "good nick", I went for a 5 minute walk today and it turned into a half hour just because I I didn't want to go back inside. Gorgeous.

I wish everyone safe travels on the way to Baltimore.

Hooka Tooka, Soda Cracker
Does Your Momma  - chew tobacco
If your momma, chews tobacco
Hooka Tooka,, Hooka Tooka Soda Cracker

And if you don't like my version,

Green Green Rocky Road, Oscar Issac

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