Monday, June 30, 2014

Mile High and the summer in Baltimore

The Summer Session is in full swing. Our cohort of 100 recently trained Montessori teachers are completing their graduate studies over the next 3.5 weeks in Baltimore and will emerge with a Masters of Education. It is the final stretch of a rewarding road that for some candidates began almost 5 years before! Dean Smith greeted the students at orientation two weeks ago and highlighted the tremendous partnership that Loyola enjoys with the 10 AMI training centers we work with, creating a model that is innovative and unique. It is lovely to see students from Portland to Atlanta working together, creating presentations, studying, socializing and forging friendships that will travel with them throughout their careers. I am thoroughly enjoying teaching my two sections of ED 625, Advanced Studies of Education it is exhilarating to be a resource for so many talented young teachers who are asking poignant questions about education and their craft. 

As a contrast to those completing their Masters, I took the time last Thursday to pop up to Colorado to orient students that are just beginning their Graduate studies in the multi-summer A to I format in Denver. It was fantastic to see Judi Orion who operates an incredibly popular training center in the Mile High city. I last saw Judi in Canberra, Australia in one of her many circumnavigations of the globe while, spreading the word of Dr Montessori. 

My words to the incoming cohorts at orientations was about the fantastic people that you meet in a career in teaching. I am in an honored position when I get to call people like Dean Smith and Judi Orion amongst my colleagues.

Last Friday the group assembled on campus for a some much needed refreshments after class and this Wednesday in a test of my organizational skills I am bringing a group of 50 downtown to an Orioles game. Wish me luck. 

A big shout out to Carrie Stroup, our program coordinator for her incredible skills in organizing the programming from intake to completion and thank you to the entire Loyola community for making the Montessori gang feel at home.

Two more weeks to go .... I'll keep you posted.

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