Monday, November 10, 2014


I just returned from Sarasota, where I spoke to a group of Montessori educators on the topic of Leadership. It is always enjoyable to re-connect with my friends from the Montessori Foundation and the International Montessori Council. I love the gathering because it is rigorously "non-denominational" in it's approach; it appeals to those in the audience at the very start of their Montessori journey's as well as established Montessorians looking to recharge in Florida's autumn sunshine.

It was lovely to see so many of our graduates at the event! - those who had just finished up their degrees this summer (...and are now working in exotic Caribbean know who you are...) and even experienced educators that remember their time at Loyola from a decade (or more...) ago.

I am very lucky to be able to be able to travel the country meeting Montessori educators from Louisiana, Oregon, Massachusetts and all points in between. This weekend's conference also allowed me to make new friends from England, Nigeria and Poland. It reminds me of how large and diverse the Montessori Industry has become and yet, when we come together, it always feels like a community.

It is an honor to particpate in the global Montessori movement. I feel a great sense of pride that I represent the small but significant role Loyola plays in merging Montessori study with higher education. Graduates from our AMI training centers are taking a rigorous treatment of Dr. Montessori's work, and are using it to make a difference in every setting where adults stand beside children and assist their development. I am humbled by their contribution.

Unfortunately, I believe I brought a Northeastern chill with me on my journey and mixed with a couple of late afternoon rain showers, the cocktail of weather dampened our enthusiasm for outdoor pursuits. Still, indoor options to occupy our time were abundant and I am grateful for the conversation and fellowship.


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