Thursday, May 19, 2016

Greenville, South Carolina

I am pleased to announce that the Greenville Montessori Institute has joined the Loyola family. Last year I met Brenda Gonzalez and Robert Gilbert, both Alumni of our graduate program in Montessori Education (who in fact first met at our partner institute in San Diego) and who now operate GMI.

It was my first time in Greenville. Here's the rundown:

Charm? check. One stroll around downtown Greenville had me hooked. It's the kind of town where you run into a shop to grab a coffee and you ask yourself...why am I running? Let's just sit a spell and enjoy the sunshine, work can wait.

Beauty? check. Any city that can boast a rippling waterfall in the midst of its city center complete with walking, biking and hiking trails is on my must see list.

Hospitality? I've travelled a lot and I've been fortunate to find fantastic people everywhere I've gone, but in the southern U.S. they take hospitality to the next level. Every meal is home cooked and there's always plenty of time for a visit.

So I promised I'd be back and now I have every reason to do so. Our accrediting body Ok'd the application last week and now we can begin enrolling students in Greenville!