Thursday, May 28, 2015

Laura Flores Shaw

An impressive scholar and a good friend is coming to Loyola on Friday June 26th. Laura Flores Shaw will be addressing our summer cohort (and interested guests) with a talk on Neuromyths: What Educators Need to Know about Brain Development. It is a timely message - I see some profound signs on the horizon that the educational pendulum is beginning to swing away from an over reliance on high stakes testing to a more holistic, developmental model. And why shouldn't it - wouldn't it seem right that the next century of education might be founded on what makes brains work better.

Laura's talk might just be a perfect "hold your horses" moment. Before we all run off presuming we know what current research in Brain Development is telling us; might it not be a good idea to hear from someone in the field. It's not as if we as an education community have ever run off half cocked with half baked ideas before... who .... no ... not us.

Good friends, good discussion and great after snacks. See you there.

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