Monday, July 6, 2015

Laura Shaw and a Very Enjoyable Evening at Loyola

I make people laugh. At me...With me... whatever it takes.

Last Friday was the first of what will become an annual speaker series, from the Center for Montessori Education at Loyola University Maryland.

Laura Flores Shaw discussed several everyday myths that prevail around the fringes of education. Her message to our students: become a savvy consumer of educational research and don't let the media or popular notions guide your practice.

It was fantastic to have Laura on campus for our intensive summer session. Laura is right in the middle of contemporary Montessori research as a member of AMI's research committee, publisher and founder of the White Paper Press and a doctoral student in Mind, Brain Teaching at Johns Hopkins University.

A great night. Laura. Your signed poster is now framed and in the annals of Loyola's Center for Montessori Education. And as for the summer lecture series ... no one else will ever be first.

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