Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Loyola University has two AMI training partners in Atlanta. The Montessori Institute of Atlanta trains Elementary teachers in a three summer format. I was in Atlanta while the trainer at "M.I.A.", J. McKeever, was at my former school in Canberra, Australia giving a music workshop to my "old" staff. I had lobbied for a music workshop for 3 years and it finally happened ... as soon as I left! Rumor has it that J.'s workshop was outstanding and I will have to thank her when I come back in the summer to visit the students in action.

J. McKeever
Joen Bettmann
Joen Bettmann

I then proceeded to the International Montessori Training Institute, where I got to meet an enthusiastic group of Primary trainees that are excited about heading to Baltimore for the intensive summer session. I.M.T.I. trains primary teachers in an academic year format. I was also able to stay for an open house with prospective students for the fall. The Primary trainer, Joen Bettmann, provided a wonderful tour for an interested audience. Joen's led the participants through a guided journey which started by explaining walking on the line and ended with the finer points of cantilever bridges, all in a days work in a Montessori Primary classroom. The audience was overcome with emotion as they discovered the possibilities that Montessori offers the children at the 3-6 level.

My trip to Atlanta ended at the Georgia Dome, along side thousands of red shirted Georgia fans, screaming for their Bulldogs to overcome Ole Miss. Georgia fans are passionate in the pregame, subdued when they are behind and downright insufferable when they are winning. Lesson learned.

As soon as I got back to Baltimore I warned everyone I could about the cohort arriving from Atlanta this summer. The charm city is about to get even more charming.

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