Monday, March 24, 2014

Montessori Northwest

Entrance and Lobby
Andrea welcoming visitors to Montessori Northwest
I've always considered myself more of an East Coast guy. I have lived in Toronto, Montreal, Baltimore and spent quite a bit of time up an down the eastern seaboard; so it takes me a little time to adjust to things in places like Vancouver or Seattle.

With this in mind, I approached my visit to Portland with a certain amount of trepidation but that was all laid to rest when I received a tremendous greeting and personal limo service from Sally at Montessori Northwest. Not only was Sally a perfect host but also a fellow Aussie! I arrived at the center and it was humming with activity. A super vibe.

There is a strong cohort of Loyola students in Portland who are headed to Baltimore this summer to finish off their M.Ed. We spent time chatting about the experience, housing options, Orioles games, etc. etc.

The training center had an open house that evening and I was able to meet the next generation of Portland trainees and introduce them to the Loyola option. It is great to see upcoming teachers who are interested in training at the Elementary, Primary and Assistance to Infancy levels.

A big thank you to Jennifer Davidson, Andrea, Sally, Glenn and all of the trainers for a fantastic introduction to the center and the city.

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