Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Montessori Institute of San Diego

The first stop on my tour of Loyola's Partner Montessori Training Centers was in the beautiful city of San Diego. There was a method to my madness which became apparent as soon as I arrived at the airport and the thermometer read 75 degrees Fahrenheit!

I met Sharon and Dr. Silvia Dubovoy who could not have been more gracious. Sharon, the Executive Director of the Institute, showed me the M.I.S.D campus, located in the hills of La Jolla. What makes it so special is that the training center is embedded within a magnificent Montessori school, which I am sure serves as an inspiration to the trainees.

Greg MacDonald gave a lecture on Cosmic Education, the term Dr Montessori used to describe the burgeoning interest level of students ages 6 - 12. Children at this age want the world and more, they enjoy "big" work and their quest for discovery moves from the "what" to the "why". Greg handled the topic beautifully. Many people know me from my time in Australia and come away disappointed when my accent does not come close to Greg's native inflection. My Canadian roots run too deep.

I am looking forward to my next trip to La Jolla, and will need to incorporate an extra day in the future as the Torrey Pines golf club is just too close to be ignored.

Such an honor to be able to work this amazing group of teacher trainers and so proud that Loyola can offer their students a pathway to a graduate degree in education for their hard work.

...And it was only the first stop on the tour

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