Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meet me in St. Louis

I thought I had been everywhere, but as I flew into St. Louis last week I realized it was my first visit to the city.

I was there to greet a new cohort of Loyola students just starting out in their multi-summer AMI primary training odyssey. A journey that will conclude when they wrap up their Masters of Education in Baltimore at the conclusion of their AMI diploma.

The group has just moved into a lovely facility which will serve as a teacher training facility, as well as a lab school. Dr. Annette Haine's the primary trainer gave a beautiful presentation on the thermic tablets which captivated the attention of the group. There is something so amazingly therapeutic about Montessori Education and it is why with all wonders in the world it must be seen to be appreciated.

Annette let me know that the Institute will be hosting an academic year program starting in the fall of 2015 in addition to their multi summer cohorts, busy times ahead.

I am a little miffed that I only had a few hours to spend in St. Louis what a fantastic city, still I spent those fleeting minutes wisely with a drive along the Mississippi and check in at the arch, a peek at the Ball Park and the finest slab of ribs I have ever tasted.

What a town. I'll be back!

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