Thursday, August 14, 2014

Montessori Institute of Milwaukee

I am standing in front of an old All-Girls Catholic School, which has now been redeveloped into office space for multiple Wisconsin based not for profit groups. To my right is the mighty and picturesque Lake Michigan, it recalls to me why the Great Lakes are so named. A quarter turn to my left and through a patch of Maple trees I can see the skyline of downtown Milwaukee in the distance, just close enough so it's there if you need it. I am talking to the Director of the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee Allyn Travis, who is pointing out the features in her view and explaining why she can never leave. Inside the Institute is state of the art, a full classroom of Montessori teacher trainees are being skilled on the finer points of Montessori elementary pedagogy, as Allyn uses a projector to capture every detail.

So many students at the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee are taking up the Loyola Masters of Education option. They are an international group that has come to this lovely center to pursue their AMI elementary training over a 3 summer format. Others wait in the wings taking the foundation course and are ready to jump into the academic year format in the fall.

Thank you for the tour Allyn I promise to say hello to Carolyn Hunter and Jackie Kirk. Two beloved Montessori teachers from Australia who you have similarly helped along in their careers.



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