Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to Portland

The mid-west was sunny and cool; Portland was scorching! The thermometer hit 99 degrees but I still persevered and walked from my hotel to the training institute for my orientation with six new Assistance to Infancy trainees at Montessori Northwest.

Nancy Lechner, Montessori Northwest's new A to I trainer and former graduate of the Masters program at Loyola was on hand to help me orient the students. It turns out, as it always does in Montessori circles that she had been to my former school in Canberra, Australia, presenting a workshop - I missed her by a day. It is a small Montessori world.

The team at MNW were gracious enough to have me over for a quick social which was the perfect way to end my sojourn. It's been only six months, but I feel like an "old" friend whenever I visit.

The train continues with academic year programs starting up in Atlanta, San Diego, Milwaukee, Portland, and of course right here at home at the Washington Montessori Institute, Loyola's on-site training partner, located at our graduate center in Columbia, Maryland. I look forward to meeting a new group of Montessori practitioners in the fall.

Well enough of this diversion. I must return to marking the ED 625 Advanced Studies papers turned in from the recently concluded intensive summer session. There are some extremely articulate individuals in our program and the advanced study is a great way for them to demonstrate all that they know.  And I get to read them all :), I promise to reference all of your great ideas when I introduce the program to a new summer group in 2015. 'till then.....

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